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Doing business

Emmen is located directly at the A37 Motorway to Northern Germany, Scandinavia and the Baltic States, as well as towards the Randstad conurbation. There are approximately 7,800 companies in the region. 

Emmen is the largest industrial centre in Northern Netherlands. It has a strong position in the manufacturing industry, High-Tech Systems and Materials and Logistics and Emmen are leaders in (green) chemistry. With its spacious and green business parks, strong collaboration between education, the business community and the government (triple helix), a motivated workforce and competitive land prices, Emmen offers excellent conditions for companies to establish in this region. In short, it is the perfect place for you to do business.

Business parks

In Emmen, you are literally given all the space you need to do business. This is because it offers a business park of more than 1,000 hectares. The sites are located together and of high quality with a wide range of plots available varying in type and size for companies of light to heavy industry. 

Down to earth

People working in the Municipality of Emmen have a down-to-earth mentality.
Entrepreneurs in Emmen describe the working population as committed, hardworking and matter of fact. This has many advantages for you as an entrepreneur. 

Out of the box and cutting edge

The Emmen region is where the latest technologies are being developed and the newest possibilities created. This is where:

  • the foundation was laid for Wi-Fi;
  • Bluetooth was discovered;
  • new synthetic materials were developed from organic substances;
  • people work together in international projects to make energy more sustainable;
  • Maglev trains are being developed that we can use for fast transport; 
  • smart charging systems for road transport are being developed and tested.

Entrepreneurs in Emmen think outside the box and are cutting edge.

Investing in the future

Educational institutions for primary, secondary and higher professional education in Emmen are continuously developing new study programmes that meet the needs of the business community. Examples include: 

  • a network of universities of applied sciences with cross-border partnerships in technical courses and pioneering research in the fields of energy, biochemistry and sustainable synthetic materials; 
  • Innovation Lab status for start-ups;
  • a research group in sustainable plastics with several professors and researchers who carry out projects for and with the business community;
  • a Centre for Innovative Craftsmanship Sustainable Plastics;
  • the RIF project Gas 2.0, schools join forces with governments and the business community to guarantee the energy transition and growth in the energy sector;
  • the Skills4Future project in which technology companies and educational institutions jointly develop innovative study programmes;
  • the Centre of Expertise Smart Sustainable Manufacturing in which students and experts work on specific issues in the business community.

Thinking along about opportunities and possibilities

The municipality of Emmen offers excellent conditions for companies that want to establish themselves and provide and preserve future jobs and employment. Various grants and credits are available for entrepreneurs and new businesses. 

Our account management department is staffed with highly effective account managers, each with his or her own discipline, thus providing you with the perfect discussion partner. From the outset, our account managers are happy to think along with you about the opportunities and possibilities that lie ahead and support you in the permit granting process. We want to offer you a business climate that is attractive as possible. For us, that comes naturally.


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