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Account Managers

Do you want to start a new business in Emmen? Or do you want to expand your business and settle in Emmen? Or are looking for a favourable location for your company? Our team of account managers like to advise and support you all the way.

Please contact Michel Veenma, Account Manager International.

Michel Veenma

E-mail: m.veenma@emmen.nl
Telephone: +31 6 103 277 40

As a strategic canvasser, Michel is involved in national and international acquisitions of companies that want to set up a (secondary) branch in Emmen. He is also the first point of contact for companies in Emmen with a parent company abroad.
He brings Emmen to the attention of companies as an attractive business location. And he ensures that companies from outside the region start working together with the Emmen business community. In all cases, it is about boosting the economy and creating jobs in Emmen.
Please contact Michel if you want to know more about the business climate in Emmen and opportunities in HTSM, green chemistry or logistics, among other things. He applies an enthusiastic approach in aligning your wishes and ambitions with the possibilities in Emmen. His dedication and the deployment of his network ensure that you can make a comfortable landing and flying start from Emmen.

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