Raadhuisplein Emmen

Moving house

Moving house? Please notify the municipality you are moving to. You can do so 4 weeks before moving to up to 5 days after you completed your move.

Moving within or to the Municipality of Emmen? Please notify us. 
Moving from Emmen to another municipality? In that case, notify the new municipality of your change of address. You don’t have to de-register. You only need to register with the new municipality.  

From abroad

Are you moving from abroad to the Netherlands? Then you have to go to the page first registration.

Online notification of your change of address

The fastest way of notifying us of your change of address is digitally with DigiDexterne-link-icoon

No DigiD?

Don’t have a DigiD yet? You can apply for it via the ‘Apply for a DigiDexterne-link-icoon’ page.

Don’t want to arrange it online?

You can also notify us of your change of address personally at the counter of the Customer Contact Centre. You need to make an appointment for this. 
or notify us of your change of address in writing: 

  • by e-mail: gemeente@emmen.nl;
  • by post: Gemeente Emmen, KCC Burgerzaken, Postbus 30.001, 7800 RA EMMEN.

What do you need to notify us of your change of address?

  • A copy of a valid ID of each person who changes address with you.
  • A copy of the purchase contract or tenancy agreement for the new home. Please note, you only need to copy the pages containing the personal data, the new address and the signatures.
  • If you are living together: written permission and a copy of a valid ID of the person on whose behalf you are notifying us of the change of address.
  • Are you going to live in with or rent a room from someone? We require written permission from the main occupant. Therefore, download the declaration of consentexterne-link-icoon in advance.  

Note! If you notify us of your change of address digitally, make sure to have this information available digitally, in advance. 

Who can notify us of your change of address?

  • You, if you are 16 years of age or older.
  • A parent, guardian or carer for children under the age of 18.
  • Cohabiting/registered partners, for each other.
  • The parent and his adult child for each other, provided both live at the same home address.
  • The guardian for a person placed under guardianship.
  • A person aged 18 or older to whom you have given written permission (authorisation).

Are you providing incorrect or false information? Or are you not notifying us of your change of address on time? You are liable to be fined up to € 325.

You must notify us of your change of address between a maximum of 4 weeks before the removal date and up to 5 days thereafter.

We will process your notification on the day of the move or as soon as possible thereafter. After the removal date, you will receive a letter at your new home address.
You can check MijnOverheid.nlexterne-link-icoon to see if you are registered at your new address.

As soon as we have processed your change of address, we will pass on the change to other government authorities. Please visit Rijksoverheid.nlexterne-link-icoon to see which authorities they are.

Notifying us of your change of address is free of charge.

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