Raadhuisplein Emmen

About Emmen

Emmen is a safe, green and friendly municipality with plenty of entertainment. Forests, bog woodlands and open landscapes are characteristics of the region. This makes Emmen one of the greenest municipalities in the Netherlands. It has an urban core with various districts and villages. Wherever you live, the countryside is just around the corner.

Living and studying

Emmen offers all the amenities you expect from a city, including a large indoor shopping centre, a hospital, a swimming pool, a cinema, a theatre, (top) sports clubs and medium and higher professional educational institutions. Emmen has a population of over 100,000 inhabitants, 1,500 of whom are students. There is plenty to do for students to make for a memorable student time.

Working and doing business

The Emmen region boasts the largest industrial area in the Northern Netherlands. Nearly 8,000 companies offer jobs in the field of High-Tech Systems & Materials, Logistics, Chemistry, Agrofood and Horticulture. Emmen are leaders in green chemistry. An important industry in Emmen is the development of new synthetic fibres based on biological materials. These are used, for example, in disposable cups, seat belts, 3D printing, aircraft parts and razors. Emmen also has a strong service sector.
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See and experience

Emmen has plenty of sights and entertainment on offer. For example, you can go on an adventure in Wildlands, enjoy the Bargerveen nature reserve or go on an art tour through Rensenpark. You can also visit several interesting museums or experience one of the many events that are organised throughout the region.

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