European Identification EIDAS

The municipality Emmen works with eIDAS for inhabitants of Europe who don't have DigiD as a login tool. We have five products for which you need to login with DigiD, or in this case eIDAS. People from Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Germany and Latvia can apply for the following products:

Extract Basic Registration of Persons

The municipality registers data of its inhabitants at the Basic Registration of Persons (BRP). It is possible that you need an extract of the information in the Basic Registration of Persons. The extract always contains information about your name, address and date of birth. You can only request the extract at the municipality Emmen if you are registered here. Request the Extract Basic Registration of Persons with eIDAS

Extract or copy civil status 

The municipality records important life events in the civil registry. If you need to prove a birth, decease, marriage, divorce or partner registration, you need an extract or copy from the civil registry. You only can apply for an extract civil status, if the event took place in Emmen. Request the extract or copy civil status with eIDAS.

Report a notice of objection 

If you don't approve of a decision that we made, you can report a notice of objection within a period after of the decision was taken. Report a notice of objection with eIDAS

Report a complaint 

If you feel that you are poorly treated by a member of our organization, you can make a complaint. Report a complaint with eIDAS

Report damage to property 

If you feel that we have damaged your property, you can report damage to property with eIDAS.

How can I log in? 

To login with an European eID is a simple and secure  process now available: 

  1. Select your product on this page. Then choose: 'Login for foreign users'*
  2. Select your country* and your supported eID.

* Access depends on availability of eID in your country of citizenship and the status of the connection made to your country of citizenship.

What is eIDAS?

EIDAS stands for ‘Electronic Identification and Trust Services for electronic transactions in the Internal Market’ and refers to the eIDAS Regulation 910/2014 of the European Union. With this regulation the European Union turns eIDAS into a regulated market. The digital borders are removed and the eID methods of member states may be accepted by other member states.